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With SeventyBrokers, you can trade multiple assets with one single account. Forex, Metal, Energy, Indices, and US Stock, i.e.  Our partners are tier 1 banks and LPs. Leveraging our latest clearing control technology, the execution of your order is less cost and quickly filled.

The Research Lab under Seventy investech Group is an independent data research firm. Contribution from its research, the SeventyBrokers offers the most advanced daily report for all users for free, and offers the high-end machine learning indicators for qualified users. 

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Secret of Brokers

The trader representative Mr. Andy interviewed with Gold-i Founder CEO Mr. Tom Higgins in late 2019 in Singapore, and was premiered in early Spring 2020. The talk gives us a new point of view from both trader and fintech giant.

Yes, it will increase 35%+ of win rate for most traders who’re using the Cloud Indicator >> .

Additionally, using the Depth Cluster >> together will filter 65% of the false breakthrough in a trend. That’s to increase my profit and reduce potential losses.

[Traders using Cloud Indicator + the Depth Cluster]

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