About Us

Seventy Investech Group established in 2015 as a Liquidity Provider. We have a strong connectivity with tier 1 market which enables us to offer our clients with efficient and reliable access to global markets such as London Stock Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, Nasdaq, IG Market, Binance Exchange, and Interactive Brokers.

As a Liquidity Provider, we have observed that many people struggle to gain a complete understanding of derivative products.

Therefore, at SeventyBrokers, we are committed to passing on our professional knowledge and cultivating an accurate investment mindset among our clients. This is the driving force behind our decision to SeventyBrokers in 2021.

Our Mission

SeventyBrokers’ mission is to increase the accessibility of trading to the general public. We hold three key values when planning our operations: trust, education, and professionalism.


We dedicate ourselves to offering exceptional services, price stability, and protecting our customers’ funds with our insurance partners to provide a stress-free environment for all of our investors.


Observing the retail investor market, we have recognized an increase in demand for trading education to reduce losses in the market. Establishing our system, we have equipped our traders with our unique indicators and mentor who aim to guide traders in need, allowing our clients to navigate the complex financial landscape.


Equipped with the experience as a subsidiary of a liquidity provider, SeventyBrokers possesses integrity and transparency to offer our clients with the safest and most secure transactions. We aim to pass on this professionalism to our retail market.

Our License

Australian Securities & Investments Commission
(ASIC) No. 001301806

Financial Services Authority
(FSA) No. 2682

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
(VFSC) No. 14885

National Futures Association
(NFA) No. 0515151

Secured funds

SeventyBrokers have partnered with International Insurance Underwriters, APA Insurance Limited, to protect our clients’ funds. The client’s accounts are insured for up to $50,000 each.


As a regulated organization, SeventyBrokers are required to conduct anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing audits for client withdrawals.

We apologize in advance for any delay in the withdrawal process and seek your understanding.