Become a Trading Booster to Get Your 🏆 $10,000 PRIZE 🥇 Faster.


Set your personal flag on how much trading volume you will trade in next eight weeks. You will be rewarded after you hit the commitment. The registration will close on 15 August 2021 (British Summer Time). Make your commitment before its end.

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Not enough fund to trade? It is time to make some deposit today, and we will put up to 20% trading credit of based on your current account balance. Remember, you will have ONLY ONE CHANCE to enlarge your account balance with trading credit. So be sure you made the best choice of yourself.

The account that you've registered in STEP ONE.
Your email associated to Trader Office.
Input your last 4 digits of ID number if you did not set it.
Choose your current ACCOUNT BALANCE (not Account Equity) to determine the credit you will get. If your choice does not match the reality, you will lose the chance to enlarge your fund.
Don't worry! We will credit you according to the time you submit the request. If your balance changes due to profit or loss after your submission, it does not matter.
Please input the math calculation result.

Reward Claim is start from 9 August 2021.

Italian Trulli

From 9 August 2021 you shall claim your rewards if you feel you have hit your personal commitment. The rewards claim will be ended on 24 September 2021.

This offer may be altered or terminated without notice. Credit will not be loss during trade, otherwise the stop out may occur as a protection. Offer may not be valid for certain accounts types or clients. For physical prizes SeventyBrokers reserves the right to reward clients only in cash if it runs out of stock in official sales channel. SeventyBrokers also reserves the right to reward clients a fixed cash amount with USD 10,000 instead of a-quarter-bitcoin prize if the market price moves, and a fixed cash amount USD 2000 for Ether token prize. This promotion is solely operated by SeventyBrokers and there is no relation with Apple.