Integrated Account (BTC Based)

For Bitcoin long-term holders.

Traders with Integrated Account (BTC Based) shall use their Bitcoin to trade the CFD derivatives globally in different markets, including forex, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptos, with up to 1:100 account leverage.

Bitcoin Based, No Conversion to Fiat Currency

As a long-term Bitcoin holders, we appreciate your believe in the next-gen currency format. We understand you are not willing to change to Fiat Currency, while you would like to get extra profit in other markets beyond Bitcoin valued-up. The Integrated Account (BTC Based) give you an opportunity to trade globally without exchange between fiat currency – you deposit BTC, you withdraw BTC – you equity raises as the BTC pricing up, while you may hold stock or gold at the same time.

Normal Quotes, BTC Profit and Losses.

The trading platform will quote as normal, while the profit or loss will be settled as BTC value. It is more easy for you to trade in market, just like invest into traditional market.

Integrated Account (BTC Based)
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Be noticed that the base currency amount in MT5 Trade Account or Trader Office will be in Millet BTC, although it may display in BTC.