Depth Cluster for MT5

Consider to turn your candlesticks to 3D.

Depth Cluster is a Support Resistance Indicator based on depth of market and its historical volume. It helps traders to easily identify the false breakthrough, and to monitor the strength of a support or resistance price. 

Traders nowadays usually use candlestick in technical analysis, however it is very limited. Candlestick chart only shows the time-price relationship, but the volume or market power is never considered, which as a result it is sometimes misleading. By using the Depth Cluster Indicator, it reduces the chance of false breakthrough in 65% according to survey from around 1000 traders.

The Depth Cluster is available free of charge to Live Account Traders with a minimal balance of USD 3000 at SeventyBrokers. However it shall be used for free at NZDJPY^, GBPCAD^, CADCHF^ trading symbol in all SeventyBrokers Live Account.

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