Depth Cluster for MT5

Consider to turn your candlesticks to 3D.

Depth Cluster is a Support Resistance Indicator based on depth of market and its historical volume. It helps traders to easily identify the false breakthrough, and to monitor the strength of a support or resistance price. 

Traders nowadays usually use candlestick in technical analysis, however it is very limited. Candlestick chart only shows the time-price relationship, but the volume or market power is never considered, which as a result it is sometimes misleading. By using the Depth Cluster Indicator, it reduces the chance of false breakthrough in 65% according to survey from around 1000 traders.

The Depth Cluster is available free of charge to Live Account Traders with a minimal balance of USD 3000 at SeventyBrokers. However it shall be used for free at NZDJPY^, GBPCAD^, CADCHF^ trading symbol in all SeventyBrokers Live Account.

For further assistant, please contact the service rep or email to [email protected]

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Pay USD 2599 License Fee to set up a Non-SeventyBrokers Account

For non-SeventyBrokers users, you may get this indicator customized to your MT5 account by paying a fee. Please submit your request below, and we will send you the payment link after we confirm your account is good to run. Usually, we will take two trading days to check your account validity, and it takes up to ten trading days to finish the customization. The customized indicator can be used on the account you provided only with a 90-day license.

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