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Interview with Gold-i Founder Tom Higgins
and Inside to Forex Brokers

SeventyBrokers trader representative Andy interviews Tom Higgins, founder of Fintech giant Gold-i, in Singapore. It covers issues that are closely related to traders, such as liquidity, market makers, slippages, and how market works. As well they discussed on Brexit and future financial regulation. 

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We all deserve a better environment,
that we are able to focus on trading and analyzing rather than judging truth from lies.

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[Episode] Liquidity in Forex Market

What is the liquidity? Who is providing the liquidity to traders? Why liquidity provider is important? How does it impact forex trading? As a retail trader, whom will we trade with?

[Episode] Market Maker and Booking Strategy in Over-the-Counter Market

What is Market Maker? How does a broker handle trader’s orders in forex trading ? Why there’s slippage? How does these all influence the trader? Let’s look inside how the market works.

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We Pay tribute to these industry-changing pioneers.

SeventyBrokers has a very close relationship with Gold-i and has great respect for Tom Higgins’ philosophy, which is highly aligned with the values of the Seventy Group. Therefore, we specifically selected Andy, a client who has been trading at SeventyBrokers for several years, as a representative to interview Tom Higgins. We hope that this interview will help the traders global, whom ever the forex broker you trade with,  to understand the market in-depth. Meanwhile, we would like to use the interview to pay tribute to these industry-changing pioneers, the whom are doing things differently.

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Tom Higgins has been in the retail foreign exchange market for nearly 30 years. Over the past decade, he has led the industry to new heights by integrating the retail foreign exchange market with other trading markets in technology products through his founded Gold-i Fintech company. He was also named one of the 50 most influential people in global financial technology in June 2019.