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Unique indicators

Cloud and Swing Indicator

Gain access to our Cloud Indicator and Swing Indicator for free when you create an account with us at SeventyBrokers! Simplify your Ichimoku cloud by using our cloud indicators.

Simplified and FREE*

*Purchase the Cloud and Swing indicator license for 1,299 USD to use on another broker’s platform

Depth Cluster Indicator

Try our Depth Cluster, a Support & Resistance Indicator based on the depth of the market and its historical volume. Allowing traders to easily identify the false breakthrough and monitor the strength of a support or resistance price. Reducing chances of a false breakout by 65% according to 1,000 traders surveyed.

Try for free with NZDJPY^, GBPCAD^, and CADCHF^.
Unlock for other symbols if you have a minimum balance of 3,000 USD in your SeventyBrokers account.

Simplified and FREE*

*Purchase the Depth Cluster indicator license for 2,599 USD to use on another broker’s platform

Volatility Checker Indicator

Use our Volatility Checker to identify fake breakouts or swings.
All in a single candlestick!
Ideal for intraday traders, Volatility Checker is made with a built-in countdown metric for traders to identify spikes in the market and allow traders to close the trade by time instead of value.

Use it for Free with your SeventyBrokers Trading Account.

*Purchase the Volatility Checker indicator license for 899 USD to use on another broker’s platform

Hit Radio System

Utilizing a set of complex trading metrics based on mathematical statics, Hit Radio System can regress historical prices and identify particular price patterns. Based on the probability statistic recorded, Hit Radio System allows traders to capture trading opportunities with a high win rate.
Since its release in 2019, Hit Radio System has achieved an above 80% winning rate for four consecutive years.

FREE* if you have at least 500 USD in your SeventyBrokers Live Account.

*Purchase the Hit Radio System indicator license for 1,699 USD to use on another broker’s platform

Capital Surge Indicator

Offered to all SeventyBrokers’ client for free, our capital surge indicator utilized historical price movement to simulate the potential massive capital movement in the market. Clients would be able to identify a potential switch in market trend.

FREE* with your SeventyBrokers Live Account.

*Purchase the Capital Surge Indicator license for 1,299 USD to use on another broker’s platform

Risk Navigator

Inspired by financial institutions, our Risk Navigator allows our traders better risk management and control of their margin accounts. Split into 2 main elements “Exposure Monitor” and “Order Simulator”, SeventyBrokers is able to allow our retail clients to predict the fluctuation range of funds of the existing position and the risk over-position and liquidations in real-time.

With data volunteered from at least 3,000 retail clients, 87% of clients have shown that our Risk Navigator tool has improved their money management and significantly reduced their chances of being liquidated.

FREE* for SeventyBrokers Client’s Account.

*Only for SeventyBrokers’ clients

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