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Copy Trade

Copy trades from traders globally! Enter into trades made by other traders and profit without looking at the market.

Learn from the best

Explores trades made by traders in the market.

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Choose from a wide list of professional that meet your trading style.

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Copy the trades made by your favorite almost immediately.

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Maintain full access to your trades. Close a trade and stop or unsubscribe to the trader anytime you please.

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Copy or follow trades at the tap of your finger. 70 Knows has made copying as simple as possible.

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Gain access to your funds easily. SeventyBrokers offers many deposit and withdrawal methods.

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What is Copy Trade?

Copy Trade is an investment method that involves copying the trading activities of successful traders to replicate similar profits. Through 70Knows, investors can mitigate the risks associated with a lack of trading experience and skills.

How much money do I need to start Copy Trade?

The required capital to start using Copy Trade varies depending on the platform and investor. There is typically a minimum investment requirement, with 70Knows generally requiring $100. However, investors are advised to research the platform’s fees and regulations and formulate their own risk management plan before starting.

Is Copy Trade safe?

Copy Trade is a safe investment method, but it is not without risk. Investors should choose a regulated platform and carefully read the terms and conditions to understand how the platform protects investors’ funds and privacy. Additionally, investors should adopt appropriate risk management measures, such as setting stop-losses.

How much trading experience do I need to start Copy Trade?

Generally, Copy Trade does not require investors to have trading experience. Investors only need to select a successful trader and replicate their trading activities. However, investors should have a basic understanding of trading knowledge and skills to evaluate and understand the traders’ activities.

Which markets can I trade in with Copy Trade?

70Knows can be used in various markets, including stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Investors need to select a suitable platform and understand the markets it supports.

How much fees do I need to pay for Copy Trade?

Some platforms may charge fixed fees or trading commissions, while others, such as 70Knows, may use a profit-sharing model. Investors should choose a transparent and fair platform and carefully understand its fee structure.

[Risk Disclosure of Copy Trading]

Copy Trading Technology depends on both the quality of the public network and the expertise of the masters. However, there are instances where your orders may not be executed as anticipated. In such cases, we take responsibility for any losses up to USD 100 per client resulting from technical issues during the copy trading process. If you are considering investing more than USD 10,000 in your trading account to follow a master, we recommend contacting our Support Desk to explore the MAM/PMAM solution.