Meta Trader 5 (MT5) Download

We offers Meta Trader 5 as trading software for all traders for free.

MT5 Download Instruction

For iOS, please search “metatrader 5” and download in App Store.

Download the latest Android app with APK file or from Google Play.

Download the latest PC terminal from Meta Quotes Corp here.

Download the MetaTrader 5 for Mac here.

If you are not able to download from MetaQuotes website nor Google Play, you may download PC / Android Version from there.

MetaTrader 5 for 32-bit Windows

 This is the latest version for 32-bit windows. MetaQuotes announced there would be no new release for 32-bit version. Please click here to download from MetaQuotes.

According to MetaQuotes, 32-bit windows version is no longer available to download since Oct 2019.