Risk Navigator

Bring the institutional mindset to MT5 retail traders.

The Risk Navigator is a tool for risk management and control of margin accounts for fund management. It consists of two parts: “Exposure Monitor” and “Order Simulator“.

Its design is inspired by institutional trade. When a financial institution conducts fund management, there will always be multiple people on the institutional account taking turns to predict and evaluate the future risk exposure of the account. The full-time ordering staff will also issue trading instructions in accordance with the analyst’s strategy, and optimize the order cost by considering the current market depth to reduce liquidity risks.

We refined some of these risk elements to create this risk roaming tool for retail customers. The exposure monitor in Risk Navigator can predict the fluctuation range of funds under the current position of your account in real time, and warn about the risk of over-position and liquidation. In a test of up to 3,000 retail trading customers, 87% of customers believe that this tool effectively improves their money management level; 72% of customers believe that this tool significantly reduces the probability of their stop-out.

The order simulator component can also make full use of the market depth data we have obtained to predict the slippage probability of orders. At the same time, it can also evaluate the current bull-bear sentiment in real time in the market. Through a questionnaire survey of professional traders, they believe that understanding the current market sentiment can increase the winning rate of intraday trading by up to 30%.

The Risk Navigator will be offered to SeventyBrokers Live Traders for free. For further assistant, please contact the service rep or email to [email protected]

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