REAL Asset Account

Specialized for stock and crypto holders.

Trade the hot assets including Coinbase, Apple Inc, Tesla, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Shiba Idu REAL Asset Account. No spread markup, no swap, and direct to the exchange.

Stock and Crypto

Trade into US stock market and Crypto world with one REAL Asset account. Build a better suitable portfolio than traditional cash stock account.

For long-term holders. No Swap and hardly stop-out.

There is no swap nor leverage, and it is just ideal for position holders. The buys and sells will be merged into only working position per instruments. You will be only stopped out if the equity turns into negative balance – which it is very hardly to happen except the stock price you hold turns to negative.

Authorized Datafeed

As partnership with the Nasdaq we shall offer the stock CFDs with Exchange Authorized Datafeed connection. It is safe, accurate, real-time, and scam-free.

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