Introducing the New Trader Office

On 11 June 2021, the SeventyBrokers has announced the next-gen Trader Office. All exist traders will be able to log into the New Trader Office. To enjoy many of new featured brought on the table, we encourage all traders to have a tour in New Trader Office.

First time to login? Use Forgot Password function to reset your password first

What’s the features in the New Trader Office
  • Introducing of Landing Account, a kind of cash wallet, for selected currencies. If you want to exchange to a certain currency and keep for a time being, it is a place – with no charges and swap.
  • Easily check your account change in percentage of profit, daily. Run trade report in different types, just as you like.
  • Built-in with important market news timetable.
  • Unlike going to support desk page, now you can reach out our online support by a single click.

Additionally, as the change of world economic and political affairs, we had screened very strictly to every of our suppliers including IDC in Asian. Suppliers with potential political exposure are excluded from partnership. It is simply for your privacy safety.