Stock CFD

We currently offer Stock CFD of United States Market for featured companies listed in the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). For most of the Stock CFDs traders will have up to 1:20 leverage.

The Stock CFD has different features to normal Cash Stocks.

Stock CFD at SeventyCash Stock
LeverageUp to 1:20Up to 1:4
Up to 1:2 (for overnight position)
Trading Cost$0.099 / share – all in one price1. Stamp Tax 0.00221% x Trade Value (only as selling stocks)
2. TAF USD 0.000119 / share (min. USD 0.01 & max. USD 5.95 / transaction)
3. Broker Commission 0.1% to 1% x x Trade Value, varies by brokers
InstrumentsFeatured listed companies 1Most listed companies
Corporate Action
(i.e. split, merge, dividend)
Yes 2Yes
Day Trade Limits?NoNot Allowed
(Day Trade is only allowed for accounts having equity of USD 25,000 +)
What am I trading?Regulated Financial Derivatives.Regulated Securities.
Comparison between Stock CFD and Cash Stock
  1. Symbol list may change time over time. See current availability on Meta Trader 5 (MT5) trading terminal.
  2. Other brokers offering stock CFD may not process Corporate Action.
  3. For premium accounts it is priced as low as USD 0.079 / share. See fee chart detail for Stock CFD here.

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