X-leverage Trade Account

Specialized for start-up forex traders.

Changing from Cash Account to Margin Account is a tough process for most traders. It is hard to focus on stop out and margin requirement at the very beginning. If you are new to forex, X-leverage Trade Account might a good start.

Focus on Trade Only

You will be only stopped out once you equity is approaching to zero. It means the account leverage is unlimited during your trading. Your balance is just bearer to the Profit or Loss.

Big things have Small beginning.

Put a piece of penny into the Forex or CFD market to learn, having unlimited leverage to trade, and to understand how the market really works before you invest a lot.

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X-Leverage Account is designed for traders with small deposit less than USD 300.

1. When equity approaching 0 (or margin rate hit 100%) it will be stop out. (Of course, USD 1 for margin requirement per contract)

2. To protect traders, if an order will result stop out instantly due to spread right after it opens, it will be rejected to open.

3. As the equity exceeds USD 1000, the leverage of account will be decreased to 1:100. Once the condition that equity is lower than USD 300 is triggered, the account leverage will back to X-Leverage unlimited. In case of stop out resulting from leverage decreasing, please withdraw or transfer your money to integrated account before it approachs USD 1000. (If your equity is lower than USD 300 but the leverage is not recovered, please submit a leverage request in Support Desk.)

4. If a wire transfer will results Equity exceed USD 300, the wire will be deposit to trader’s integrated account instead.

5. Only selected Forex, Metal, and Oil shall be trade in this account.